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High Tech Trends to Dominate in 2016

shutterstock_302508602As customer and technology attitudes are forever changing, so must promoters adjust accordingly. For 2016, promoters will need to think outside the box and the strange channels to stay ahead. Here are the best marketing trends that will dominate in the 2016.

Video ads become more famous

Increasingly users are becoming more reactive to video advertisements on social channels like Bing, Facebook and YouTube. A study by specific media found 60 percent of video viewers were happy to see adverts in exchange of free content. According to a report by Business insider, video advertisement revenue will reach approximately $5 billion in 2016. It was just $2.8 in 2013, nearly doubling in three years. Video advertisements have an average click through rate of 1.85 percent. This is higher than the average for other formats. With video advertisements; business will see best interaction with their services, products and brands.

The appeal of applications

We were talking with SEO3 which is the Best San Antonio SEO Company about the applications are expected to start changing sites. Apps are more accessible, convenient, and intuitive. Product marketer and retailers are taking benefit of better engaging with content via apps. The best-known application program that provides rewards for gift card is Shopkick. For businesses looking to market their location on the customer’s mobile gadget, the application needs to be really engaging by supporting the customer and saving them time.

Mobile dominates over desktop

Current year Google declared mobile has taken over desktop traffic in ten different countries.  Here are some stats on online mobile consumer use:

  •       15% read a book
  •       15% make purchases
  •       41% download apps
  •       46% play games
  •       42.1% listen to music
  •       62.2% access email
  •       63.2% access the internet
  •       95.5% access information/content

As more consumers run domestic searches on mobile, advertisers are rising spending on domestic mobile advertisements campaigns. eMarketers expects mobile to overtake desktop for United States search ad dollars current year, rising from $8.81 billion to $12.86 billion.

Living in virtual reality

Dozens of various virtual reality gadgets are scheduled to launch in the few years. These will bring a full new need to incorporate to social media platforms. One of the big promoters uses of virtual reality is to give clients with experiences encourage them to physically visit an event or location. For instance, early this year North Face reveals a virtual reality experience in its Manhattan store. Viewers experienced base-jumping, hiking, and rock climbing with virtual reality. The aim was to attention shoppers about outside products and then for those customers to buy the company’s items for their next outdoor adventure.

These are some of the latest technologies. Here i also want to add one more name of a technology which is Bio Tech which i will not explain here but you can learn more about it on Biotechwater.

Top Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Service Provider

A household needs a lot of things in order to run smoothly. When one of these things goes amiss, schedules can be upset and life will be a little less bearable. Imagine when the heater does not work, or when one of the pipes burst. The same inconvenience can be experienced when you get locked out of your home or when the air conditioner suddenly stops working. All of these problems can be resolved by hiring a reliable and efficient home service provider. Only thing is, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Best Tips for Choosing a Home Service Provider

What You Need to Know

Not all service providers are the same. There are quite a number of horror stories that can be seen online about home service providers who charged too much, did not show up, were inefficient, or damaged property. To keep that from happening to you, you should be extra cautious and not call the first name or company that pops out of google search.

One of the things to consider when choosing a home service provider is your availability. Yes yours, not theirs. The reason behind this is that you will not be inside the home when they arrive. So if you are not sure that you can skip work for a day or leave work early, hold off calling any service provider because it will just upset your schedule. Instead, check what your available date and time is and mention that when you do the actual call. For example, calling an aircon cleaner or maintenance person will be a lot easier and more convenient if you already tell them that the appointment will be for Saturday, between 1 and 5 in the afternoon. This will allow the company or service crew to schedule your appointment instead of them just sticking you into their schedule. It should be your availability that they should work around.

What Do People Say About Them?

Service providers survive by reputation. They won’t be around for long if they are known to be late, rude, or dishonest. So reputation is definitely one of the things to consider when choosing a home service provider. For locksmiths, cleaning staff, and even caterers – ask people who may have hired them before. Ask them how they work, how they behave, and if they got the work done correctly the first time. How they treat their customers is also a big thing. If clients keep coming back to them or refer them to their friends and family members, this is the company or person that you should hire.

Efficiency and Reliability

If a service provider says he will be there by 8 and comes in two hours late with no justifiable reason, take that as a warning sign. People who do not respect their client’s time probably does not have a good work ethic, and is not someone that you would want to be working for you in the future. A home service provider who is respectful of the client’s property and home, and cleans up after work is the better alternative.